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Kidfinity Inc. is a new toy company, formed by two industry veterans. Kidfinity’s mission is to make a real difference in the lives of kids everywhere. 



Lisa Whitaker

Founder and Co-President


Lisa Whitaker is a Global Brand Strategist with 30+ years in the Toy Industry. With extensive brand-building experience, Lisa has a proven track record in Integrated Marketing, Brand and Account Management, and New Business Development.


Before co-founding Kidfinity, Lisa worked alongside Darryl at both Tollytots Ltd and JAKKS Pacific. At JAKKS, she drove Strategy, Ideation, and the successful launch of several new Disney Princess product segments, such as Style Collection and My Size Playdate. She also drove business development within the Disney Division, which led to new category rights for existing contracts and other entirely new Disney licenses, such as Maleficent, Fancy Nancy, and Toy Story 4. Earlier in her career, Lisa rose through the Marketing ranks at Hasbro, managing brands such as Play-Doh, Littlest Pet Shop, and Batman before ultimately becoming the Global Brand Captain for the Star Wars brand, a +$1B business with a staff of over 100 employees.

Darryl Wizenberg

Founder and Co-President


Darryl Wizenberg is an accomplished entrepreneur with expertise in Development, Design, Production, Finance, Costing, Licensing, and a solid background in Operations. Wizenberg has cultivated a respected reputation of innovation in business strategies and products throughout his 20+ years in the Toy Industry. Wizenberg’s never-ending drive and proficiency with technology have produced some of the most compelling, competitive, and innovative products in the market.


Before co-founding Kidfinity with Lisa, Darryl founded two successful tech companies, Videomation Media and Apptastic Software. He then ventured into the toy business as the co-founder of Tollytots Ltd. After orchestrating an acquisition of Tollytots by JAKKS Pacific, he ultimately became President of the Disney Division at JAKKS. One of Wizenberg’s most significant achievements at JAKKS was the successful launch of the Frozen Snow Glow Elsa feature doll, which shipped over 3M units and remains the top-selling feature doll of all time. He was also a key driver behind the wildly successful Tsum Tsum collectible line, and the global master toy launch of Incredibles 2.


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